Double-Take® Move

Server Virtualisation, Virtual Platform Migration and Data Centre Consolidation

Double-Take® Move will revolutionise the way server and data migrations are done by using its real-time data movement capabilities and hardware-independent conversion technology allowing virtual platform migration and server virtualisation.

Because Double-Take® Move utilises the industry-proven data replication capabilities of Double-Take® to perform migrations, it will also be the most efficient tool on the market for data centre consolidation and moving servers between locations. Using Double-Take® Move, administrators will be able to migrate specific data or entire systems using the virtual platform migration.

Whether it is a simple file server, a custom application server or even a domain controller, no matter what make, model and server configuration you can migrate easily to another or into automatically-provisioned virtual machines running on the dominate virtualisation platforms in the industry today. Double-Take® Move allows for simple data centre consolidation through server virtualisation and virtual platform migration to ensure that server migration goes as smoothly as possible.

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